We’re here to help you and your school/organization raise money by offering a new standard in premium-scented candles, a top-notch fundraising program and outstanding customer service. This year, we're partnering with Genevieve's Fundraising, an exceptional company that has been offering a variety of fundraising programs for over 33 years. Kringle Candle is featured in their Style & Home Fundraising Brochure, and we're happy to be partnering with them in providing excellent, quality products to nonprofit organizations and schools for their fundraising groups - Kringle Candle - A Heritage in Fragrance. 

For more than 33 years, Genevieve’s Fundraising has been building relationships.... with leaders in schools and organizations, who have been looking for ways to raise funds.... with end customers who have been buying and using their products, year after year.... and, with first-rate suppliers who have partnered with Genevieve’s to bring high quality products and names you know and love to fundraising.

Please contact us for information on how we can help you with your fundraising needs - email: fundraising@kringlecandle.com or contact Genevieve's directly at 800-842-6656 or email info@genevieves.com. Visit their website at: www.genevieves.com.



Association of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers Member




  • Kringle offers a super competitive profit margin. We pass the discount down to you, so that you and your organization can raise more money for your cause. Kringle fundraising customers earn money back based on how much is sold/sliding scale. For more information, contact Genevieve’s Fundraising, our partner in helping you with your fundraising needs.
  • Premium, Long Lasting Products. A single 22oz Kringle Candle burns for 100hrs. Our candles are one hundred percent dye-free, yield the most luminous white light and will fill a home with lush, long-lasting authentic fragrance.
  • No upfront costs. You sell, we fulfill. Your organization takes home profit for your cause. It's that easy. We don't require you make any product purchases upfront. See how our customers have used Kringle Fundraising to help raise money for their organizations here.

New England Heritage

Based in Bernardston, Massachusetts, we manufacture and ship all of our products from our headquarters here in western Mass.  We’re excited to be a part of the fundraising efforts for your project, program, event or cause. 

Candles People Know & Love

Kringle Candle Co. was named one of the top six candle companies nationally by GiftBeat Magazine, a leader in the giftware industry. We believe our incredible versatility and outstanding quality is part of the reason. Last year, we launched our newest brand, Country Candle, of colored wax candles dedicated to original Kittredge recipes of yesterday and today.

A Glow that Fits Every Home

Our distinctive crisp white Kringle shades fit every décor scheme with understated elegance. No matter which scent or style you select, our carefully crafted candles are an ideal match for any setting, in any room. 100% dye free, our candle products always yield the most luminous white light and will fill a home with lush, long-lasting authentic fragrances.