Q: Are Kringle Candles made in the USA?

A. Yes, Kringle Candles are manufactured and shipped from Bernardston, MA.

Q: What kind of fundraisers do you offer?

A. Kringle Candle offers 3 kinds of fundraisers: 1) person-to-person catalog sales, 2) online sales and 3) a combination of both catalog and online sales to give maximum profit.

Q: How much is my profit?

A: The profit on a Kringle Candle fundraiser is 40% of your in-person catalog sales and 40% of online sales of Kringle-made products (shipping charges are applicable).

Q: Does my group qualify?

A: As a general rule, nonprofit groups are eligible and groups in the process of obtaining nonprofit status. Monies raised through fundraising must be used to promote the betterment of the local community or nonprofit cause through direct educational, medical, cultural or humanitarian means. Fundraisers are not available to private (individual or family fundraisers), for-profit groups, political organizations or groups outside the continental United States. When applying, a Kringle Candle fundraising representative can let you know if your cause is eligible.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: You can inquire and sign up now via our Apply Now page! We’ll contact you to answer any further questions upon your inquiry/application.

Q: How soon can I get started?

A: We can provide you with all your sales materials to begin your fundraiser within one week from your contacting us. 

Q: How long before receiving product orders?

A: Once payment is received, your orders are processed for shipping within 2-3 weeks or scheduled for local pickup.

Q: Is distribution easy?

A: Yes, your products come sorted and packaged by seller for easy distribution. Simply hand out each seller’s package, which is clearly marked with his/her name.

Q: Do you offer fundraising year-round?

A: Yes, we have two programs - one for spring/summer (January - June) and one for fall/winter (August - November) and organizations can opt to participate in both to give supporters a variety of fragrances.